Meghan Trainor - All About That Bass (Trick Remix / Cover)

by Trick



This is our Remix/Cover of "All About That Bass"!

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No stress, no drama, i’ve been doing it my way, get out my way,
got the bass bumping, now my neighbours thinking that i’m going cray,
but i gotta live it the way that i want it, no questions asked, keep it 100,
i got the antidote, for your seizures,
never say never, got that bieber fever, bieber fever,
trembling like thriller in manila, tell me who iller,
oh god, that bass so strong, shaking up the chandelier,
but i’m sorry Sia, cos the record to ill for y’all to stand still,
if you happy and you know it clap your feet one time,
2 stepping to the strings, pump your fist to the sky,
lemme catch you with a eeni meeni meeni maini maini mo,
so when the hook comes back, lemme hear ya say OH,


Yeah, your momma she told you don't worry about your size
You know them boys like a little more booty to hold tonight
Know we don't want no stick figure, silicone Barbie doll,
So, if that's what you are now,
Then go ahead and move along


Because you know we all about that bass,
Bout that bass, no treble
We all 'bout that bass,
'Bout that bass, no treble
We all 'bout that bass,
'Bout that bass, no treble
We all 'bout that bass,
'Bout that bass


Big booty automatically brings that sexy back
boom when you hitting that dance floor,
scoring on the charts like free throws,
girls having role model like j.lo,
can’t go no wrong with that tho’,
now shake it like you really gotta do it,
and you do it, till you can’t really do it,
but you still wanna do it, cos you got it,
and you wanna flaunt it, cos ya mama gave it,


released March 9, 2015




Trick Singapore

Formed in 2012, Trick is a Hip Hop duo consisting of singer, songwriter, producer Marc Lian and rapper, songwriter Richard Jansen.

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