Who You?

by Trick

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Our english cover/remix of G-Dragon's 'Who You?'.


Baby , love you
But that was all before
All that we've had
You know you let it all go
I know you, i used to
But you don't belong here no
I'm sorry if i'm real bad
but who are you now

Goodbye, I'm out
Wait, but that was all said last year
I'm through, with you
You really gotta get over this
I'm good, without you
Getting back with you is something that i can't do
I'm sorry if i'm real bad
but who are you now

Du Du Du Du Du Du Du

Thank you, I'm done
Remember when you said that you're gone
Look now, who's back
Trying hard to get what she once had
You should stop and move on, i don't need explanations
You had it when you had it, now i'm on to the next one
I'm sorry if i'm real bad
But who are you now

She walk in like she knows me acting real funny
Like everything's cool, quit playing games silly
I got a leech on me and I don't like that
It's like every move I make, she be right there
It's getting pretty scary in my neighbourhood
It's like every where I go she be on the look
Oh oh missus, coming around with a lotta misses
I got a new miss so throw me back in ya wishlist

Du Du Du Du Du Du Du

Baby, I don't want you back, don't want you back, don't want you back
Baby, you know it's too late, it's just too late, it's just too late

I said your time ran out and there's no turning back
So tell me what's the reason for you not to understand that
It's like everything I'm saying don't make no sense
And now I'm gone and I'm doing better, you come in
But that's life and that's the path that you chose
And I don't wanna hear you more
Just know I'm doing better than before

I'm sorry if I'm real bad
but you made it like that
I said I'm sorry if I'm real bad


released November 21, 2013




Trick Singapore

Formed in 2012, Trick is a Hip Hop duo consisting of singer, songwriter, producer Marc Lian and rapper, songwriter Richard Jansen.

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